Strip Contest-3

Strip Contest-3 – New Strip Contest – the competition to define the Bunny of the year. 8 girls contestants try to receive this title. You are the judge in the jury team of 8 persons. You may choose your favorite girl, and help her to win the competition. This time judges don’t give marks to contestants, but they may throw bunnies to the girl on the stage – to give, or not to give a bunny to the girl. The girl, who have received more bunnies from judges, go to the winners. There are 3 levels of contest: 1st you choose 5 girls from 8, than 3 from 5, and the final – the One winner from those 3. But! you may help your favorite girl: You may push bunnies out from the stage, or back to stage, while they are jumping in joy – this way, to decrease the score of competitors, and to save the score of your girl. The winner may reward you well!

Strip Contest-3 – adult game